A brief introduction...

My name is Rocket. I am a performer and songwriter based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. My songs are accessible, but a little quirky once you dive into the lyrics. I love playing places like basements, bookstores, and dive bars. Outer space is fascinating and Saturday morning cartoons are my jam! 

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↓Liner notes and Updates↓

5 Days in May

This was a good week. Started with a decisive victory by my ball hockey team. I scored a neat goal on a cross-court tip-in to seal the win. 

Thursday marked the return of songwriter night at Gravity after a 5-month…

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F is for . . . Fun

Fall of 2021 was challenging. The day job kept me overly occupied. Slouched over a computer most days/nights I felt like Igor was my spirit animal. Dealing with COVID on top of that was . . . bleck. 

I was…

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Songwriter Night

I'm excited to be hosting a writer's night at local hangout Gravity Cafe. This will be the first show in a monthly series of where I have the privilege of welcoming local songwriters to the stage. They will have the…

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Back in Action

We are currently restriction free in Alberta after many long months of COVID-19 lockdown. With the green light given to music venues to start up again I'm excited to say I've got two live performances planned this week! Thursday July…

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Best Laid Plans

I started my first band in the 7th grade and our first practice was ridiculous. We didn't own any instruments . . . 🤷‍♂️  We were 3 awkward preteens sitting in a living room, dreaming about making music. Looking back…

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Nothing Less

I have always wanted to make a record. It's like the Holy Grail of a musical life. When I search through old notebooks I often find the remnants of what was going to be my album. Lists of song titles…

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Silent No More

According to Wikipedia "Liner notes were an occasion for thoughtful signed essays on the artist by another party, often a sympathetic music journalist". I can't promise that I'll take on a second personality, deliver thoughtful essays, or try my hand…

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