high School Cool

As a songwriter I often find myself living in my own head; always a little preoccupied searching for the next song. I started writing in high school, usually prioritizing nights at home with a guitar over . . . everything. So maybe it's a lack of practice, but I have an impressive lack of comfort in social situations. It can be a challenge to connect with people.

That social ineptitude disappears when you give me a guitar and put me on a stage! Over the past seventeen years I've been involved with a dozen different groups ranging from noisy punk to quiet folk. I've been a front-person, bass-slapper, harmony-singer, and all-around avid supporter of my musical peers. 

Off Like A . . . rock . . .

Rocket Alexander is the outlet for my solo material. In 2020 I worked with Calgary producer Lorrie Matheson to track my debut EP; Off Like a Rocket. There is a certain amount of irony in the name. Within a week of getting the final tracks back we were in mandatory lockdown dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Lol. 

I am very proud of the album and love its summery 1970s vibe. There's a little bit of country, a little bit of rock, and a little punk if I pay close enough attention.

The Show Must Go On . . . 

My number one passion is live performance. Nothing. Beats. The stage. My songwriting can be a bit quirky at times, but I've found a sweet spot in small venues and alternative spaces where I fit perfectly. As a music lover I think there is an unbeatable vulnerability in a solo performance and my goal is to create special moments for the audience every time. 

I'm a simple person; I love creativity and my notebook is my best friend. I've got a lot of material to share with you, so please come back regularly! Get on the mailing list and come see a show. I will be the one waving hello from the stage.